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Collaborate over a Supplier
Collaborate over a Supplier

Collaborate with stakeholders, over a Supplier, and keep all relevant information in one location.

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Collaborate overview

Collaborate with stakeholders and keep all relevant communications and attachments i.e. contracts etc, related to a specific Supplier, in one location.

Locating this section in app: Purchasing > Suppliers > [select a Supplier] > Collaborate

Collaborate page features


Utilise Search to find relevant conversations, and attachments.

Create and send messages

  • Add a message the bottom of the page, and:

    • Format text with bold, italic, underline, bullets and/or numbers

    • @ mention collaborators to direct messages to assigned/responsible people

    • Add signature for approvals etc.

    • Add attachments (common formats such as PDF, images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF etc), Word, Excel etc)

    • Add emojis to personalise

    • Press Send to share.

Editing messages

Messages can be edited, downloaded or deleted by the following users:




A user can edit their own messages and attachments, no-one else's

A user can delete their own messages and attachments, no-one else's

All users can download attachments

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