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Fiki (Factory Wiki)
Fiki (Factory Wiki)

Our Fiki provides an explanation of terms, navigation and other content to make your use of Factory even easier than it is.

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Buttons and icons for navigation

Main navigation

Provides access to:

Glossary and Definitions

Action buttons

Action buttons, on Sales and Purchase Orders, allow you to perform further actions when selected.

An example of a Sales Order Action buttons:

Action buttons will differ depending on the stage the Order is at:


Archives one or more items. Select rows you’d like to archive, using checkboxes, and select Archive


Bank State Branch number.

Change Status

Change Status for one or more items. Select rows you’d like to change, using checkboxes, and select Change Status, and choose the status you’d like the items to be.

Chocolate menu

Click and drag to move items around a page i.e. to reorder Products on an Order.

Collapse/expand view

Collapse/view of further items i.e. Orders in the Planner view.

Date field

🗒️ Note: you need to apply a From and To date if searching a date range.

💡 Tip: if you’re searching for all orders on 10th July 2023 double click the 10th July 2023 to set From and To dates as the 10th also.

💡 Tip for keyboard users: use Tab to navigate between each search feature i.e. type a Suppliers name in the search box, press Tab to move to the Date box, hit Enter to open the box, press Tab, Tab and Enter to navigate to a certain year, continue to until you’re where you need to be.

Dropdown arrows

When selected a further list of options appears


Click to expand hidden details.

Factory logo

Clicking the Factory logo, from anywhere within Factory, will return you to the Home page.

Global search

Search for anything, across all of Factory, encompasses searching for customers, suppliers, orders, products and more.


Inventory includes both finished goods you sell, as well as materials used for fabrication.

Kebab/other options menu

Provides access to further options.

Kit indicator

Flags on Orders where a kit has been added.


Contact us, follow new releases, add enhancement requests and view help resources.


Opens unread notifications popup, that provides quick navigation to Collaborate.

Orders (Sales and Purchase)

Sales Order

A document sent (prior to an invoice) by Suppliers/Vendors to a Buyer/Customer that outlines sales terms.

Purchase Order

A document sent (prior to a Sales Order) by Buyers/Customers to a Supplier/Vendor to confirm an order and trigger fulfillment.

Page navigation

Set the maximum number of results displayed on a page using the dropdown in the bottom right corner, and if required, use the arrows to navigate between pages.

Profile/avatar icon

Opens Profile settings and Sign out.


Search by Order #, phone number, name or word.

🗒️Note: adding a partial number/name/word in Search i.e. typing “61”, will return any customer with “61” in their order number or purchase order number e.g. “610” and/or typing “eng” will return any customer with “eng” in their title e.g. “Test Engineering”.

Select/ select all

Select or select all depending on where the checkbox is located. i.e. if located on a row then you’re selecting the row contents, if located in the column header then you’re selecting all items listed in the column.


Sort columns in ascending or descending order by clicking the arrows to re-order the data.


Stock is finished items you sell to customers.

Stock level low

Flags stock on hand is lower than what’s been sold.


Unlink linked Orders.

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