A complete searchable and sortable list of all Suppliers

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Suppliers overview

View all Suppliers with functionality to Search, Archive and Add New Suppliers.

Finding this page in app: Purchasing > Suppliers

Suppliers (list) page features

Search Suppliers

Search by Supplier name.

🗒️ Note: adding a partial word in Search i.e. typing “eng” will return any business with “eng” in their title eg “Test Engineering”


Select one or more (for bulk updates) Customers you want to make bulk updates to using Checkboxes to Archive.


Archive one or more Suppliers using the checkbox and/or kebab/other options menu.

🗒️ Note: a popup appears to undo the archive; if not undone the Order will be moved to Archived.

Orders cannot be deleted, they are moved to Archived.

To view archived Orders, select Archived from the Statuses dropdown menu.

Creating/Add New Supplier

Add a new Supplier to the list of Suppliers.

🗒️ Note: syncing with your accounting package will enable all of your existing suppliers (and customers) be updated in Factory, and send Sales and Purchase Orders (if required).

  • Select Add new supplier and enter the following to create a new supplier:

    • Supplier name (a mandatory field)

    • Address

    • Suburb/City

    • Postcode

    • State

    • Phone (must use format (xx) xxxx xxxx)

    • Email (must be a valid field i.e. it must have a user name, an @, and a domain)

    • Enable Create supplier in accounting package where you want the Supplier to be created in your Accounting package.

    • Click Save to save, or Cancel to cancel.


Sort columns in ascending or descending order.


Set the maximum number of results displayed on a page using the dropdown in the bottom right corner, and if required, use the arrows to navigate between pages.

View Purchases by Supplier

Click on a Supplier to view the Purchase History (all purchases made through a Supplier).

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