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A complete, searchable and sortable, list to centrally manage your customers

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Customer overview

The Customers page displays a list of your Customers (in alphabetical order), their last order date, the total number of orders, and the option to Archive.

Locating this section in app:

  • Sales > Customers

  • Global Search to search for a Customer

Customer page features

Use search to create a view to add, edit and archive Customers.

🗒️ Note: Customers cannot be deleted, use Archive to remove a Customer from view.

Search Customers

Search by Customer name

🗒️ Note: adding a partial word in Search i.e. typing “eng” will return any customer with “eng” in their title e.g. “Test Engineering”.

View/show Archived Customers

Use the checkbox to show archived customers.

🗒️ Note: Customers can only be archived, and not deleted.

Add New Customers


Sort columns by Customer, Last Order and Total Orders in ascending or descending order.


Archive a customer via the kebab/other options menu to the right of the company name.


Set the maximum number of results displayed on a page using the dropdown in the bottom right corner, and if required, use the arrows to navigate between pages.

View details of a Customer

Click on a Customer to view the Order History (all orders made by a selected Customer), Billing address, Delivery addresses, Contacts and Settings.

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