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with 10 easy steps ...

This should take 30 minutes, add extra time if you want to read the support documentation linked to each point, but we're sure you'll be able to complete these points without it:

πŸ—’οΈ Note: feel free to undertake more steps than these, we just want you to see how easy it all is so you can just follow these points without clicking on the hyperlinks,

1. Add your Company details: name, logo and details

Locating this section in app: Settings > Company

2. Integrate with your Accounting package

πŸ—’οΈ Note: selecting Import Customer/Import Suppliers allows you to select which customers/suppliers you'd like to sync, this could be as many or as few as you'd like to commence with.
Some users use this time to clean up customer and suppliers in their accounting package.

Locating this section in app: Settings > Integrations

3. Work through the remaining Settings

πŸ—’οΈ Note: for Quotes, Purchasing, Order confirmations and Invoicing it's worth enabling and adding an email address for replies to be sent to. These are replies from your recipients/customers back to you.

4. Add a couple of team members (it's more fun to experience life with others!πŸŽ‰)

Locating this section in app: Settings > Team

5. You have a Sale 😁, let's create a Sales Order

Locating this section in app: Home/Customer > select a Customer (any, we've added a few to get you going) > Create Order

- A Required date

- Assigned to

- A Label

- And a Product (lots of them, it's a large order)

- Submit as a Quote or Submit as an Order.

6. Stay in the Sales Order and select Options and explore what's there:

  • You can create Invoices, Order Confirmations, Work Orders and Delivery Dockets - check them out

  • Also try creating a Purchase Order directly from this Sales Order

  • If you made a mistake or several customers order the same products then Change the customer and/or Duplicate the order

How are you getting on?

If you have questions connect with us via Messenger in the bottom right corner.

Let's complete this Order and get it out for delivery πŸŽ‡

7. Let's get the job into production in Workflow

Locating this section in app: Productivity > Workflow

And select:

- Add column (this is a Status column, what statuses do you currently use?)

πŸ’‘ Tip: looking for ideas? Create one column called "In progress", and another called "Ready for delivery:

- Drag and drop your Job to any column (it's this easy to move jobs around).

8. We'll now assign this Job to a person in Planner so they can view what work they have to complete, and you can track progress

Locating this section in app: Productivity > Planner

  • Drag and drop the Order to a team member

  • Change the calendar view to Week so you can see another view

9. Let's get this Order delivered; scheduling with a Driver is easy

Locating this section in app: Productivity > Delivery scheduling

  • This is the same as before, simply drag and drop an Order on to the calendar for delivery

  • And whilst you're there have a look at how to track proof of delivery.

10. Lastly add a Product to the Product Catalogue

Locating this section in app: Sales > Product Catalogue > Add New

Any questions?

If you have questions connect with us via Messenger in the bottom right corner.

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