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Product Catalogue overview
Product Catalogue overview

A list of all Products being bought and sold

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Product Catalogue Overview

A Catalogue of all commonly bought and sold products.

Locating this section in app: Products > Product Catalogue

Use search to create a view to delete, duplicate and add new Products.


Search by Category or Product Name

🗒️ Note: adding a partial word in Search i.e. typing “eng” will return any customer with “eng” in their title e.g. “Test Engineering”.


To delete a product from the list, select a Product using the checkbox, select Delete, or by selecting a product and selecting the kebab/other options menu, and then Delete.

🗒️ Note: a popup window will appear to confirm that you will no longer be able to add these products to Sales and Purchase orders.

🗒️ Note: deleting a product does not remove it from historical orders.


Allows you to duplicate products or undertake a stocktake.

Duplicate products

Duplicate an existing product. Save time in creating a similar product by duplicating an existing product.

Select the checkbox of the product/s you want to duplicate, click on Tools > Duplicate product.

Then edit the newly created product to match the required details of the product.


Select products from the Product Catalogue > Tools > Stocktake > make changes to On Hand for products being updated > Update Stock.

🗒️ Note: to print an Inventory List, right click your mouse (on the Stocktake page) and select Print.

Add New Products

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