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Factory releases H1 2023

Launched between February 2023 and August 2023

Updated over a week ago

H1 2023 releases



Release date

Converting Purchase Orders to Bills

28 July 2023

Changing the customer on Sales Orders

28 July 2023

Account package integrations

The Import customer and Import supplier tools will now also import all delivery addresses and contacts (name, email, phone) from integrated Accounting packages.

28 July 2023

Payment terms

22 June 2023

Add a once-off Product to a Kit

22 June 2023

Xero integration enhancement

An alert will appear when attempting to edit an invoice in Factory that has partial or full payments applied to it already in Xero.

15 June 2023

Integration enhancement

Added an option under

Settings > Integrations

to enable/disable
โ€‹Display accounting package codes on orders and PDFs

15 June 2023

Addition of lines

Addition of lines between once-off products and notes will now be reflected on all PDFs.

15 June 2023

Custom Formula products

8 June 2023

Account settings PDFs

25 May 2023

Delivery Docket PDF

25 May 2023

Purchase Products directly from with a Sales Order

11 May 2023

Adding Basic Products to Sales and Purchase Orders

13 April 2023

Adding Notes to Sales and Purchase Orders

13 April 2023

Integrate Customers and Suppliers

9 March 2023

Add new Customers/ Suppliers to your Accounting package via Factory

9 March 2023

Cost, Markup and Price

28 February 2023

Custom Formulas

8 February 2023

Sales and Purchase Order Timeline

2 February 2023

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