Sales Order Timeline

View the history of changes made to the Sales Order

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Timeline overview

View, search and filter system-generated, key events for the Sales Order.

View a timeline of:

  • Current status

  • Total time assigned

  • Time scheduled on the Order

  • Time in status

  • And any changes to the Order such as emailing Orders, and generating Invoices.

Locating this section in app:

  • Sales > Sales Orders > select a Sales Order or

  • Customers > select a Customer > select a Sales Order or

  • Global Search to locate an Order > Timeline

Timeline page features

Every page has the Sales Order # and Customer name at the top of the page.

Each Sales Order will also have Action buttons; these will differ depending on the stage the Order is at.

๐Ÿ—’๏ธ Note: the Close button will close the Order and save changes made, but not push the Quote or Sales Order through to your accounting package.

Timeline view

Use Search Timeline view

Filter by Event Type

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