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Linking Orders to a Sales Order
Linking Orders to a Sales Order

Link Sales and Purchase orders to establish relationships

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Linked Orders overview

Linked Sales and Purchase Orders allows you to establish relationships between Sales and Purchases.

This is especially useful when dealing with a lot of related orders (i.e. a ‘project’ of work) or when a Sales Order is dependent on certain Purchase Orders being received first before it can progress within the business.

Locating this section in app:

  • Sales > Sales Orders > select any Sales Order > Linked Orders (in left side navigation bar) or

  • Customer > select any Customer > select any Sales Order > Linked Orders (in left side navigation bar) or

  • Global Search to locate an Order > Linked Orders (in left side navigation bar)

Linked Order page features

Every page has the Sales Order # and Customer name at the top of the page.

Each Sales Order will also have Action buttons; these will differ depending on the stage the Order is at.

🗒️ Note: the Close button will close the Order and save changes made, but not push the Quote or Sales Order through to your accounting package.

Search and Filtering

  • Search Orders by Sales Order

  • Filter by Order Type: Sales or Purchase

  • Filter by Status

Linking and unlinking orders

Unlink Orders

Use checkbox to select Order/s you want to unlink, and select Unlink.

Link Orders

Select Link Orders, and search, filter, select Orders from the list and select Link Orders.

🗒️ Notes:

  • If Purchase Products is selected (Submitted Sales Order > Options > Purchase Products) from a Submitted Sales Order, the newly created Purchase Order will be automatically linked to the Sales Order, and the Sales Order automatically linked to the Purchase Order

  • If a Sales Order is Linked to a Purchase Order it will be be referenced in Workflow, Planner and in Delivery Scheduling.

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