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Account Package Integration - FAQs
Account Package Integration - FAQs

Accounting package integration frequently asked questions

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Q. How do I disconnect Factory from my accounting package?

A. You can disconnect by clicking the Disconnect accounting package button via the Settings > Integrations page. This will disconnect your accounting package integration and remove Factory as a 'Connected app' from within your accounting package account.

Q. Can I import my contacts into Factory?

A. Absolutely. Once you have integrated your Factory account to your accounting package, you can import your customers and suppliers via the Settings > Integrations page.

Any imported contact will be created as either a Customer or Supplier in Factory, with all corresponding address and contact information also being imported.

Imported Customers/Suppliers are automatically linked back to their corresponding accounting package contact for all future invoices/purchases that are created.

Q. Will customers and suppliers that I create in Factory also be created in my accounting package?

A. When creating a new Customer or Supplier in Factory, you can choose whether or not to create a new corresponding contact in your accounting package at the same time. This is especially useful when creating a Customer or Supplier that is new to your business and doesn't exist in your accounting package.

Q. Can I edit Orders in Factory once payments have been applied to the Invoice in accounting package?

A. Once payments have been applied to an invoice in your accounting package, you can no longer edit the corresponding order's products or pricing in Factory.

Q. When and how does data sync occur?

A. All newly created Invoices and Purchases are automatically sent to your accounting package in real-time (if enabled). All other data, such as lists of contacts and products, are synced daily automatically. You may however force an immediate update by clicking the Update accounting data button on the Settings > Integrations page.

Q. What doesn’t your integration do?

A. Our integration currently does not cover the receipt and application of payments to invoices.

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