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Our frequently asked questions

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Q. Is Factory web based?

A. Factory is web based, and also optimised for tablet usage.

🗒️ Note: using a tablet is particularly useful when making a delivery and a Proof of Delivery (POD) is required.

Q. Where is Factory hosted?

A. Factory is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) in Sydney, Australia.

Q. Is Factory customisable?

A. We have customisation built-in, allowing you to customise Factory in many ways to suit your needs.

Q. Does Factory offer support and online resources?

A. We use Intercom within our application, allowing you to both self-service support via our Help Center (including using AI to provide you with detailed, customised help based on your questions/our help content), as well as communicate directly with our team.

🗒️ Note: connect with us via Messenger (in-app in the bottom right corner)

Q. Does Factory offer a free trial?

A. Factory offers a 14 day free trial.

Q. Once I've signed up, where do I login?

Q. Can I have a demo?

A. Of course, one of our team members would be happy to arrange a demo/walk through of Factory. We run our demos via a Zoom meeting; reach out to us via the Messenger icon in the bottom right corner.

Q. Does Factory have a production scheduling feature?

A. Our Workflow and Planner tools allow you to schedule work against people, time, teams, machines or whatever resource you wish.

Q. Does Factory track inventory?

A. Yes, Factory can track inventory levels for all products, including down to the level of colour variants. All inventory management is automated based on selling/receiving goods, and we also have a stocktake feature that allows you to bulk update stock levels for multiple products manually.

Q. Does Factory have pickup and delivery functionality?

A. Orders can be set as "Pick Up" or "Delivery" when creating them. Once an order is received by a customer, it can be marked as "Picked Up" or "Delivered", with an optional SMS/email notification being sent to the customer at this time also. Most Factory customers run a PC or Tablet at despatch for the purpose of updating order statuses and uploading proof of delivery.

🗒️ Note: an Order can be set as Pick Up or Delivery, and our Delivery Scheduling tool manages the delivery of completed orders.

Q. Can Factory capture proof of delivery?

A. Delivery drivers also typically carry a Tablet with them so that they can take a Proof of Delivery photos/videos, obtain a digital signature, and/or attach a photo of a signed Delivery Docket to an Order.

Q. Can I generate a Purchase Order directly from a Sales Order in Factory?

A. Yes. You can instantly generate multiple POs, for multiple suppliers, off the back of a single Sales Order. These orders are then "linked" in Factory for reference, so that all related POs are tied back to the originating Sale.

🗒️ Note: Purchase Products creates a Purchase Order from a Sales Order.

Q. Is Factory able to do drawings of Products?

A. We provide the ability to draw and automatically price custom flashings, including tapered flashings. These can then be printed off via a Work Order PDF. Each drawing can displayed in either a standard size, or "large" size which is essentially 4x the standard size. Customers are also able to view these drawings online when they are sent a Quote, Order Confirmation, Invoice or automated update with our Workflow tool.

Q. Does Factory integrate with Accounting packages?

A. Yes, Factory integrates with Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks.

Q. Does Factory send notifications i.e. to colleagues and customers, when a job is completed?

A. SMS and email notifications can be sent out automatically per Status. You can choose to have SMS sent for specific statuses and not others (i.e. send an SMS when a job reaches the "Ready for Pick Up" status, but don’t sent an SMS when a job enters the "Waiting on Supplier" status). All statuses and their names are customisable by you in order to match whatever flow makes sense to your business.

Q. What do I do if emails aren't being received?

A. Factory adheres to the following email security standards to ensure we’re seen as a legitimate sender:

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

  • Domain-Based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC)

If emails aren’t being received request for your email system administrators to add to the organisation’s allowlist.

If the situation continues please contact

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