Sales Order Details

A view of a Sales Order in detail

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Sales Order Details overview

View in-depth details of a Sales Order.

Opening a new or selecting an existing Sales Order takes you through to the Order Details page, with Collaborate, Checklists, Tracking (Submitted orders only), Linked Orders and Timeline.

Locating this section in app:

  • Sales > Sales Orders > select any Sales Order or

  • Customer > select any Customer > select any Sales Order.

Order Details page features

Every page/order has a unique Order # and the Customer name at the top of the page.

Each Sales Order will also have Action buttons; these will differ depending on the stage the Order is at.

๐Ÿ—’๏ธ Note: the Close button will close the Order and save changes made, and will leave the status unchanged. Closing a Sales Order will not push the Quote or Sales Order through to your accounting package.

Creating a Sales Order

Editing an existing Sales Order

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