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Uploading Product data
Uploading Product data

Uploading Product data, in bulk, into Factory

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The process of uploading Product data in bulk

During implementation Factory can support you with uploading Product data (everything you buy and/or sell) in bulk.

๐Ÿ—’๏ธ Note: details for adding individual Products into your Product Catalogue are here.

  • Factory will request a list of your Products in CSV/Excel format

    • This List is usually downloaded from your accounting package or created from Product/Price Lists

      • The List consists of current Products, anything this is no longer bought or sold should be deleted from the List prior to it being sent to Factory

  • Factory will reformat your data for uploading into Factory

    • A format similar to this will be created:

  • If we have any questions, during this process we'll reach out

  • Once reformatted your Product data is uploaded into the backend of Factory

  • We will confirm once uploaded and you can then view your products in the Product Catalogue

How the reformatted data will look in your Product Catalogue

The formatted data (above) will appear in your Product Catalogue as follows:

  • Your Product Catalogue with Categories and Products (these appear when the + beside a Category name is selected)

  • Viewing a Product's details when selected in the Product Catalogue

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