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Order Importer/Import products

Using the Order Importer to import products and pricing onto an order in bulk.

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The Order Importer enables you to import product Line Items onto a Sales Order in bulk, using a CSV or Excel file.

The Importer works in two primary ways:

  1. Importing Line Items that reference existing products in your Product Catalogue

  2. Importing Line Items as once-off 'on the fly' products, not linked to your Product Catalogue.

Configuring the Order Importer

The Order Importer can be configured via the Settings > Order Importer page within Factory.

Product catalogue importer

To use the Order Importer to import Line Items that reference products in your Product Catalogue, you must configure the Pricing table mapping field.

The Pricing table mapping field references the attribute column within your product's pricing tables that you wish to reference in order to match products in your import file to products in Product Catalogue (I.e. a 'produce code', or similar).

When configured, the Order Importer will match any Line Items in your import file to products in your catalogue using this pricing table attribute. As a result, your input file can simply contain a Code column and Qty column in order to successfully map and import Line Items onto an order.

πŸ—’οΈ Note: when importing from your Product Catalogue your import file does not require pricing details. By default, correct pricing will be added to each imported Line Item based on the pricing saved for that product and the customer's assigned price level. If pricing is imported, it will override any pricing on file.

Basic importer

To use the Order Importer to import Line Items that do not reference products in your Product Catalogue, you can configure the Basic importer settings to give you greater flexibility around the import process.

The Basic importer function allows you to configure Additional description fields that reference columns your import file may contain. The Order Importer can then map these additional fields, allowing you to import various pieces of information for each Line Item onto your orders.

You may add as many or as few Additional description fields as you see fit.

Using the Order Importer

When creating a new Quote or Sales Order, the Order Importer can be launched by clicking Add product > Import products, followed by selecting whether you would like to import products from your Product Catalogue, or Basic (once-off) products.

The Order Import will then launch and display. From there:

  • Choose your import file, or choose to manually enter data.

  • Map the required fields to your input file's column headers

  • Review & Submit the data.

The Line Items within your input file will then be automatically added as Line Items to your order.

Required fields for your input file

Product Catalogue importer:

  • Code - the field that contains the data that will be used to map to the products within your Product Catalogue, using each product's pricing table data.

  • Qty - the quantity of each Line Item.

Basic importer:

  • Qty - the quantity of each Line Item

  • Product name - the name / description of the Line Item.

Order Importer in action

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