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MYOB integration details

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MYOB integration

Two sets of MYOB credentials are required for a MYOB/Factory integration.

Follow the steps below to complete a MYOB integration with Factory:

  • Log in to your MYOB Desktop app with the login credentials of an Administrator

  • Go to Setup > User Access/Manage Users

  • Click New User

  • Uncheck the 'this user will sign on with a my.MYOB account' option.

  • Give the user a username (and password) (E.g. 'factory' as the username)

  • Give the user 'Administrator' access

  • Select Save

  • Return to the Factory app, navigate to Settings > Integrations

  • Select MYOB Connect

  • When prompted, enter your User Name and Password > and then the Factory Name (and Password) for the newly created user

  • You will now be requested to specify your default Sales and Purchase accounts

  • You are now successfully connected, and can import Customers and Suppliers, and set integration settings.

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