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Purchase History Overview
Purchase History Overview

View all purchases made through a Supplier

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Purchase History overview

Click on a Supplier to view the Purchase History.

Purchase History is a view of all Purchase Orders placed with a Supplier.

Locating this section in app: Purchasing > Suppliers > Purchase History

Purchase History page features

The Supplier's name is at the top of the page.

Use search and filters to create a view to archive and duplicate Purchase Orders.

Search Orders

Search by PO # (Purchase Order number), Contacts, Created By, phone numbers etc

πŸ—’οΈ Note: adding a partial number in Search i.e. typing β€œ61” will return any customer with β€œ61” in their order number or purchase order number e.g. β€œ610”.

Order Date

Search for Purchase Orders in between two dates by Order Date.

πŸ—’οΈ Note: you need to apply a From and To date if searching a date range.

πŸ’‘ Tip: if you’re searching for all orders/invoices on 10th July 2023 double click the 10th July 2023 to set From and To dates as the 10th also.

πŸ’‘ Tip for keyboard users: use Tab to navigate between each search feature i.e. type a PO # in the search box, press Tab to move to the Date box, hit Enter to open the box, press Tab, Tab and Enter to navigate to a certain year, continue to until you’re where you need to be.


Select from the six (6) default Statuses (listed below):

  • Archived (a default status)

  • Draft (a default status)

  • Submitted (a default status)

  • Partially received(a default status)

  • Received (a default status)

  • Billed (a default status)


Select one or more (for bulk updates) Customers you want to make bulk updates to using Checkboxes to Archive.


Archive one or more Purchase Orders using the checkbox, and/or use the kebab/other options menu to Archive one Purchase Order.

πŸ—’οΈ Note: a popup appears to undo the archive; if not undone the Order will be moved to Archived.

Orders cannot be deleted, they are moved to Archived.

To view archived Orders, select Archived from the Statuses dropdown menu.

To Unarchive Orders select the kebab/other options menu (beside an Archived Order )> Unarchive

Create Purchase Orders

Select Create Purchase to create a new Purchase Order.


Sort columns in ascending or descending order.


Set the maximum number of results displayed on a page using the dropdown in the bottom right corner, and if required, use the arrows to navigate between pages.

Opening a Purchase Order

Click on any Purchase to view it in the Purchase Details page.

πŸ—’οΈ Note: opening a new or existing Purchase Order takes you through to the Purchase Details page, with Collaborate, Checklists, Linked Orders and Timeline features.

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