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Team/User Management

Manage user access/user access management (UAM) to add, edit, disable and/or delete user access.

🗒️ Note: as an Administrator you control who has access to Factory, when an employee leaves your employment it is your role to ensure their access is revoked.

User Management

Use search, and/or use the checkbox to show inactive team members, to create a view to edit, disable and/or delete Users.

🗒️ Note: team members are displayed in alphabetical order by first name.

Add a new user/team member

Select Add team member to invite or setup a team member to Factory (this depends on when you signed up to Factory).

Select from:

Adding a new Standard team member

A team member is a licensed user who can login to Factory.

When setting up/inviting a new team member you'll be asked to set the new user's role.

🗒️ Note: below covers two methods for adding a Standard member, depending on when you signed up to Factory:

Invite your team to Factory

Select Add team member > Standard team member > add an email address to invite via email > choose the role you'd like the team member to have from the Invite as dropdown > send invite.

🗒️ Notes:

  • The email invite is valid for 24 hours

  • Please check both Inbox and Junk box for the email invite.

Adding a Standard team member


  • User name

  • First name (this is a mandatory field)

  • Last name

💡 Tip: we’d recommend adding a last name (as this is not a mandatory field) to avoid confusion with multiple people with the same first name.

  • Role (select from dropdown)

  • Password

  • Confirm Password

🗒️ Note: passwords must be at least 8 characters long, and must contain at least one upper case character, and one special character.

  • And Add.

Assignee team member

A team member that can assigned work, but cannot login to Factory.

Assignee team members could be individuals, or teams such as fabrication, or machinery involved in fabrication, that doesn't require access to Factory.

Complete First name and Last name > Hourly rate (Cost)/Hourly rate (Charged) (if required) > Add to add an assignee team member.

Editing users

Click the kebab/other options menu to edit, disable and delete users.


  • For Standard Team Member Edit allows changes to:

    • Hourly rate (Cost)

    • Hours rate (Charged)

  • For Assignees Edit allows changes to:

    • First name (this is a mandatory field)

    • Last name

    • Hourly rate (Cost)

    • Hours rate (Charged)


Disable will remove/revoke login access to Factory, leaving the User listed in User Management as Inactive.

💡 Tip: disabling a user is useful if you temporarily need to remove a User’s access from Factory


Delete will remove/revoke login access to Factory, and delete the User from the list.

🚫 Warning: this action cannot be reversed; when deleting a user a popup will appear to confirm the deletion.

Changing the role of a Standard Team Member

Select the Role dropdown, aligned to a Standard Team Member > select the Role you'd like the team member to have.

Roles/User Types for Standard Team members


  • Access and make changes to all elements of Factory.

Power User

  • Access and make changes to all elements of Factory, excluding user management.

Standard User

  • Create and manage sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices.

Standard User (No Invoicing)

  • Identical to ‘Standard User’, excluding ability to generate or issue invoices.

Workflow Only

  • Access workflow tool only.

Deliveries Only

  • Access delivery scheduling tool only.


  • Access workflow, planner and delivery scheduling tools only.


  • Can be assigned to orders, but cannot login to Factory.

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