Planning jobs

Assign/schedule work to people and time

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Use of Planner

Visualise jobs with resource and time.

Calendar views

Focus on a team view or label view

  • Toggle between Team View or Label View

Calendar settings

  • Navigate between time period i.e. days, weeks or months

Assign jobs

Drag and drop Orders on to or around the calendar to visualise jobs over time.

πŸ—’οΈ Note: dragging and dropping jobs around the calendar view is only possible in Team view.

Set start and finish time

Set the job start and finish time (duration) on the calendar (in either Team or Label view) by:

  • Right clicking mouse > Set start/finish time > use calendar/clock to set dates/times > Save or

  • (In Team view) select the left or right side of the job and drag it to start/end at the required date/time

Assign team members

Assign team members to jobs:

  • Right click mouse > Assign team members > select required team members from the list.

Set Labels

Assign Labels to jobs:

  • Right click mouse > Labels > select required Labels from the list.

Create additional timeslots/duplicate

Duplicate jobs

  • Right click mouse > Create additional timeslot > drag and drop to required date/time.

Delete timeslot

  • Right click mouse > Delete timeslot

Mark as complete/Mark as incomplete

Mark jobs as Complete/Incomplete (by reversing the action):

  • Right click mouse > select Mark as complete (Job will turn green)/Mark at incomplete (Job will be white)

πŸ—’οΈ Note: if Jobs have been duplicated/you've created additional timeslots, if one is marked as Complete they all are simultaneously.

View Orders

Click on an Order to view:

🚫 Warning: edits made in this view aren't saved; if edits to an Order are required view the Order in Sales Orders (Sales > Sales Orders).

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