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Custom Formulas explained
Custom Formulas explained

Create Custom Formulas for irregular priced Products

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When to use/create a Custom Formula

Create a Custom Formula to calculate a sales price for a product based on weight, volume, surface area, density, volume, width, height, length etc.

Creating a Custom Formula

Select Custom Formula from the Product is bought/sold in dropdown.

When Custom Formula is select a Custom Formula area appears for you to create your formula.

Custom Formula settings

The Formula will be displayed on any of the following, when enabled.

Enable/disable to round the total to the nearest whole number.

Adding a Formula

Formula labels and fields will appear

  • Add Labels to denote what each formula input relates to, such as width, length etc.

  • Add a numeric Value to each Label

  • Alter the operator from * to whatever is required of + _ /

  • Add parentheses if required

  • Add more Labels and Values, if required

๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ Video clips: create a simple Custom Formula or a more complex Custom Formula

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