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Planner overview

Job schedule/production planner; assign jobs to people and/or labels.

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Planner overview

Assign/schedule work to people and time when jobs are in production/in progress.

Locating section in app: Productivity > Planner

Planner page features

πŸ“½οΈ Video clip: Planner walkthrough

Use search and filters to create a view to manage Jobs.


  • Search by Customer Name, Order # and Labels

πŸ—’οΈ Note: adding a partial name or number in Search i.e. typing β€œ61” will return any customer with β€œ61” in their order number or purchase order number e.g. β€œ610”.


  • Filter by Views (create your own view based on your area of focus), Show/Hide Users, Show/Hide Orders Assignee and Labels

πŸ’‘ Tip: a View might be of Urgent orders only. Apply required filters and Save new view.


  • Planner Settings: enable working hours for the team

Collapse/expand Orders view

  • Collapse/expand view list of Orders

    • Orders from this list can be dragged and dropped into the Planner to be assigned to time

View Orders

Click on an Order to view:

🚫 Warning: edits made in this view aren't saved; if edits to an Order are required view the Order in Sales Orders (Sales > Sales Orders).

Using Planner

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